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Straight To Her Thighs by ThaddeusMcBoosh Straight To Her Thighs by ThaddeusMcBoosh
Lilith paused, taking a look down at the line of sweets one more time.

It truly was strange.

She stood, listening to the subtle hum of the refrigerators. Looking at the colorful row of confections sitting in their stainless steel cage lined with glass and ridiculous prices to protect them from hungry onlookers. Every time she came here a single treat always occupied a few brief moments of thought. Sitting there. With an alluring appearance and concept that basically guaranteed satisfaction.

Chocolate-covered strawberries.

They looked really good.

She looked onward, a line of sentimental and wanting thought passing through her mind. In one of her many glimpsed memories-wiped clean of details to prevent her from remembering specific locations or faces-she recalled a small cafe. Not unlike this one. Only without all the lycans and fairies buzzing around. Mixing coffee. All the sentient shadows and witches and other things she still had trouble grasping the existence of. Still, take away that, and the two seemed similar enough. The smell of coffee hung in the air, as delicious as always, and the expensive sweets sat still in the cabinet. Muffins and cookies. Pieces of cake. Tarts. Scones. Bagels. And...brownies.

Lilith laughed to herself. Bringing those back would probably mess with Simon a bit. the moment that wasn't what she wanted to do.

She sighed, trying her best to grab onto the memory. To look deeper into it. She remembered it was a Sunday. And she was out in the city. With her mother. She couldn't picture her mother's face or voice. Just the clothes she was wearing. And even those were fuzzy. But they were at a cafe. And...and she had one. One of those delicious strawberries covered in dark chocolate. 

Lilith's mouth watered a bit.

Something about this memory made her happy. Not just because she could remember the cold. The lights of the city. The taste of the strawberry. But because she was with her mother. That woman who raised her. And they...were happy. 

Lilith's mouth stopped watering. All this thinking about her mother and Simon was bringing her down a bit.

She needed a pick-me-up.

Simon needed a pick-me-up.

They both needed a bit of reconciliation. The past few days had been as grey as the winter weather outside.

Lots of fog. And cold rain. 

How long had she been standing here? In this quiet cafe.
Whatever. She slapped down a few coins and bought three strawberries. Two for her. And the third for Simon. Though honestly he'd probably fill up on a small piece of it and give the rest to her. Now she felt guilty for buying  one for him because it seemed like a facade of kindness for her benefit.

Ugh. The guilt. She had been bodied by guilt. Constantly. Each choice she made kept her thinking on her feet about how selfish it might have been. Not too dissimilar to what Simon seemed to always be going through. A state of heightened social consciousness that always looped around back to what you personally were doing wrong. Poor guy.

She sighed, taking the small pink box and holding it to her stomach, quickening her pace in the rain.

This was what she was, wasn't it?

It made sense.

'The way things were' as Simon described them.

Just as he existed to serve, it seemed she existed to take. It was part of who she was as a vampire, after all. She lived as long as she wanted too, only dependent on how much she could take from those around her. And she always could because she was stronger. Faster. Independent of her will, she would hold the physical dominance. And she would get what she wanted.

The parallels were sickening.

The rest of the walk back was silent. Filled with scattered thoughts on the odd condemnation. Bearing down on her like the rain.

She got back to their dorm. Opened the door. Took off her coat and freed her curves from the constraints to reveal them to no one in particular, and then she sat the box of sweets on the desk and sighed, shutting the door and taking a whiff of their lovely aroma.

There was something so perfect about the simple concept of a chocolate-covered strawberry. Probably something to do with the two key components. Strawberries were a pleasing read, with a nice fruity but soft texture to them. Easy to bite into but resistant enough to not be strangely chewy. And they were sweet. A rich but mild sweet. And these strawberries looked ripe and plump. Almost unnaturally so. She could only guess it had something to do with magic. As it always did. 

As for the was chocolate. It was abnormal for it to be anything less than amazing. And this chocolate had that sort of European aroma about it. It just felt fancy. 

Her mouth began to water again. She had already gotten her daily blood supply. But the idea and assault on her senses that the little morsels were making was quite impressive.

She simply had to try one of these magic strawberries.

So, I can't go back for a while to the macro smothering until I address the unfortunate implications of this and that. Stuff about domination and unwilling placement and what it says about the characters in question.

But I'm certainly not limited to just that. I still have plenty of things to draw, fanservicey things included. Like expansion.

Also, strawberries. I answered a Tumblr question about Lilith and I listed her favorite food as chocolate-covered strawberries. And then when I wanted to do an expansion picture I had the idea that she ate some and her butt expanded or something...

I know the whole "eat food to expand" thing is not new. At all. Chocolate. Cookies. Milk. Lots of sweets. I have noticed. So I'll try and not make this too frequent. It's been done. Y'know?

Not much else to say. Character progression. Butts. Giant ones.

Enjoy. I have sort of the pink motif going with Lilith, don't I...
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I don't think food related expansion can be overdone when it comes to things like this!
Great work!
juupei Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist
I couldn't take it anymore, Boosh.  Had to fav.

And Gamu has a bit of a point. XD
BahamutRider Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
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is her ass bigger than Eifa's now? Maybe its time for some revenge
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You didn't describe the expansion itself boosh? With your skill in writing in it would be something amazing to read about the butt expansion that en sued. :)
ThaddeusMcBoosh Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe I'll...

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Maybe I'll take that....

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Expand on it.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
datadrain2128 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
Epic corny but awesome moment of my day. X3
SoulInflatioN Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yay! you should bro!!!!!!
juupei Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist
Dang it, Boosh.  I love Lilith, and I love booties, and now I love Lilith's giant booty. X3
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Dat A$$
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