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Still a Little Drowsy by ThaddeusMcBoosh Still a Little Drowsy by ThaddeusMcBoosh
It wasn't fair.

That's what a vicious chunk of her mind said.

Looking at her ample curves. Her thick thighs. Her rolling hills of flesh. Explosive hips. Fantastic breasts. A booty too big to handle. A whole lot of woman, so to speak. And the grace and strength to handle and use all of it.

Her breasts, the size of her head. Maybe a bit larger. They hung outward and swayed in an alluring fashion, bouncing freely in the breeze. Sitting tightly in the fabric of her top as they strained the very fabric that contained them. So very large. And immense in terms of size and weight. And they were quite soft. Pillowy bouncing mounds of fun.

But that wasn't her most prominent or massive feature. No. That came from behind, bursting outward. Off of her hips there sat a rolling bulk of smooth flesh. Soft as could be, but so very heavy. A single step send her hips swaying from side to side with her plentiful buttocks following suite. Not much could contain her utterly fantastic rear end. And not much could handle it.

So why couldn't they be used to torment Simon a little more?

Lilith hushed her mind, trying to suppress her Id as she rolled out of bed and yawned. She couldn't. She mustn't. There was too much at stake here. Right?


A few words rang out in her head.

Words distant but very familiar.

Something about the preservation of life.

The sanctity.

If she could just remember. It was another strange vision that had been left behind in the wake of a discretionary omission of events that she herself was forced to understand and live with. Like being with her mother. Eating a chocolate-covered strawberry. A strange flow of memories she had left.

"What the fuck makes me any better?" A voice would say. Crude. Blunt. Familiar. "What the fuck makes me any worse? You won't make me do this." That's part of what she remembered.

She sighed, a bit bummed out from the musing on what no longer resided in her head.

Part of her wanted to just grab him. Jump on top of him. Bounce. Squeeze. Smother. Flatten.

But...she couldn't. Not now. Not for most of the foreseeable future. Lilith bit her lip, brushing a stray white hair aside and turning to the sleeping brownie on the other end of the room.

Grab him. 


Smother him.


Under you.


Think of all the places he could-


It was not easy. But she had to. For his sake. For once. Do it for him. Because he was precious. As all life was.

Lilith can't do much now except stand around and look pretty. So here's a story about her fighting doing anything else but standing around and look pretty.

Trying to round out her figure again. Her hips were widened and her breasts actually reduced a bit. Trying to lessen the breast focus on her. Instead emphasizing the bulk of her thighs and her sheer thickness. Tried defining her legs a bit and they ended up looking super fucking thick. 

Still trying to abstain from the macro crushing after dropping that one picture earlier. Luckily there's still a lot that can be done.
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datadrain2128 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
And look pretty she does!  I do love how much this is bothering her with how much she's done to Simon in the past.  Gives a depth to her character besides the usual "big girl tortures tiny guy just for fun but I guess their friends". ^.^
jacob110110 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
Lilith's thighs are killin' me here
rockyhornb Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
Wow, she's got an angel and a devil on her shoulders, huh? Interesting to imagine someone with an actual urge to do things like that (and even moreso have the decency to think twice about doing them)
jupiterpaladin Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
Ah, dat Lilith <3
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