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Re: Trapped by ThaddeusMcBoosh Re: Trapped by ThaddeusMcBoosh


Lilith snickered to herself as she sat slowly on the bed, trying not to be too rough with the boy. "How's it look?"

"Um..." Simon mulled around a collection of words as if trying to romanticize something, but ended up falling back on his original thought. "Functional."

"Anything else?" She smiled.

"Um...a bit...ornate for a garment worn under a blouse." Human-centric culture puzzled him endlessly. So much effort put into such a minute and unimportant piece of clothing. Like, sure. I helped support the chest and keep it from moving around too much. But he never put any frills or swirls on his briefs.

" little bore." She stuck out her tongue and leaned back, holding her cups and gazing down at him in a sultry fashion. "So you don't like it?" She teased.

"Um. Well I'm just kind of neutral about it..."

"Well, I suppose you won't like the matching panties-"


"After all, I got them both made especially for you, little man." Lilith purred and pressed against her chest bringing Simon up so close her loose locks of hair touched the tops of her cleavage. She looked at him, eyes half-shut and lips pursed, cheeks a rosy red and breath gently wafting it's way onto him. "We're going to have one hell of a night, you and I.."


Lilith quickly dropped her breasts from her hands and let them flop heavily downward, Simon bouncing off of the surface and coming back down, landing on the soft flesh. She smiled to herself and snickered, recalling that awestruck and totally unprepared look of shock on the brownie's face. "No no. I just found this frilly bra at the shop and it happened to be my size..."

Simon sat quietly and sighed to himself. She certainly loved to tease. He pondered how she treated other guys. With a figure like that she was sure to attract the wayward eye. No wonder she always wore baggy sweaters. Then again, she was in a closed room with no prying eyes. This was her private life. So different from the public.

"...was the panties comment going overboard with it?" She asked, looking down at him.

" It''s cool." He looked away and blushed, trying not to stare at her or down at the fleshy surface that was her right breast. There was nowhere to look without seeming rude.

She smiled gently and worked a pale finger down to his scruffy brown hair, giving it a tender rub and sighing to herself. Then she blushed, realizing how much she had just revealed to him. How many little wayward curiosities were now visualized. Oh...bad Lilith. Bad bad bad Lilith.

"I'm sorry." She looked down at him. "Got a little caught up in this frilly little number. Makes me feel kind of...I dunno. Pretty."

"''s nice."


"'s...uh...'sexy'. Kind of."

"Oh you little boring gentleman, you." She gave him a warm smile. "You're the best."

Gonna flap my gums.

Little thought I had: Had I not stopped Lilith in her tracks, had a friend comment on her previous relationship with Simon, and tried to keep this sort of limit to how lewd I would get with my work, Simon would probably end up in Lilith's panties somewhere along the way.

Honestly I could see that in her character. She's perverted, has a kink for dominance, might have a mild crush on Simon that she realizes could never work, and is a bit of a glutton for pleasure. Even now I could see her having guilty and lewd thoughts.

Maybe it's about her own sort of coming-of-age sort of thing. The progression of time. Discovering and exploring her own sexuality as a youth. Simon's had most of that interest sort of expunged from him due to his chaste upbringing and gentle demeanor. But Lilith has had a more open childhood and has a person who she can actively live out her own fantasy with. This unassuming guy who would just let it happen and make her feel good about it.

That stopped, of course. I have this friend I met early on on this site who isn't even in the fetish community. He just came along and said "hello". And I said "hello". Now we're friends on steam and skype. And at one point in time he said that this was almost a strange from of rape. And, as dark as it seems, I could totally see that. The unwilling forced participation in an intimate sexual act. Lilith had become a bully. Simon had become a bitch. It had to change. 

This is that same Lilith. But she's gone through a few changes that have prevented some of the darker stuff. Character first. I suppose. Unless the two fall in love somehow and go beyond cuddling, then Simon isn't going into Lilith's panties anytime soon.

Another thought:

I don't know if I'm writing good dialogue. Like, I have one perspective: That of an introverted cynical teenage white boy. Even then Simon's a lot different than I am and I can only guess how he'd actually communicate. The Outsider has this fun manner of speaking I can sort of nail down, and Claire having this cute little girl dialogue makes things simple. But Leona? Lilith? Not sure if I can get that down.

Not sure if this ostensibly young flirty girl would really talk the way she does with her constant giggling and blushing. She's very flirty. Almost too much. I recall reading a few stories where the giant girl gets so carried away with getting to the smushing or cuddling that I just can't buy it. Like, she's a character, sure. And an idealized curvy flirty girl who happens to like snuggling with a young teenage guy one fiftieth her size. So there's probably projection there. But I till want her to have at least semi-believable dialogue and reactions. 

So yeah. 
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macmanussite Featured By Owner May 31, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
she looks very mature with those clothes on. Is she a businesswoman or something?
grim-dude99 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
However will he escape? :uc
rockyhornb Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
It's not realistic dialogue in the sense that it could happen in real life, obviously, but given what you want to accomplish I think the characters and the way they communicate work really well.

Also I'm voting for a picture with both Simon AND strawberry milk
ShadowStar689 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
That sounds awesome
SoldierOfBullets Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
I like the colored backgrounds on your most recent art. Really sets the mood and makes the picture pop out. Much like Lilith's......eyes.
DoodleWill Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
Looks wonderful, Always liked the sketchy style of these. c:
MegaScarletsteam Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist
very nice and erodic
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Nice job :3c
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