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"Mm....yep." Simon said flatly, gazing back at himself in the mirror, turning a few times to get every angle of the armor. It wasn't much. A simplistic cubic helmet that wouldn't look out of place in Minecraft which fit snugly upon his head, though the cube of a helmet and Simon's spherical head meant it wouldn't take getting hit well. Second was the chest plate, which was two pieces of cardboard held to the front and back of his chest by twine. He curled his fingers into a fist and struck the surface of the board, feeling a minimal impact. Not that it would matter, since he wasn't trying to deflect real weapons.

Speaking of weapons, resting upon his back, locked into place by small halos of string and indents in the cardboard, were his sword and shield. The shield was a slightly thicker piece of cardboard, cut in a 5-sided shape with uneven sides, like a misshapen pentagon. The sword was just a toothpick, packed tightly in duct tape, with the hilt and blade separated by a button.

With another pivot on his foot he stopped to face himself in the pocket mirror, looking himself up and down one more time. He looked lame. But it would do. Everyone at the 'Lil LARP looked a little lame.

Simon decided he was missing a little something in his increasingly absurd-looking costume. Turning again, he stopped himself on one foot and walked towards the edge of his desk. Reaching the end of the desk, he grabbed a small copper rod and held it out over the edge of the desk, pressing it against the little hand-hold that was screwed into the desk bottom. Slowly, the drawer at the bottom of the desktop slid out, revealing the small gears, fabrics, tools, and graphite stick stored inside. He dropped himself into the inch-deep drawer and started rummaging through the small materials.

Just then, the door flung open in an alarming fast fashion, sending a large breeze in Simon's direction. But it didn't bother him. He was used to her.

In came Lilith, Simon's roomate. It was a long, complicated story of how two students,  both 16, one male, one female, one roughly 3-and-a-half inches tall, the other bordering on 6 feet, one a brownie, and the other a vampire, came together. To get it straight, she was the tall vampire, and he was the 3.5-inch-high young man. Basically, she was destructive and chaotic with others, and he was overly tolerant and sheepish. And she was kept entertained by a boy the size of her finger. And this was a school for supernatural organisms. Long story. Very long story. Maybe some other time.

In she walked, enormous breasts bouncing under her tight sweater, short white hair swaying in the breeze, slender form moving gracefully, and eyes slowly scanning the room. With a slight push she quickly shut the door and flopped down onto her bed on the opposite side of the room. She sprawled out onto the sheets and sighed, eyes glazing over as she stared at the ceiling.

"Hey." She said.

"Yo." He replied back.

It was interesting. He was tiny, and he would normally have to speak up to get someone of her size to hear him, but her senses eliminated the need for that.  It was a perk, among the more awkward things.

With another long sigh, her sprawled out arms slowly lifted to the two watermelon-sized masses on her chest, and he fingers slowly undid each button on the sweater. Slowly, the tight sweater was unbound, and her breasts slowly jutted out. The Gray sweater eventually flopped down to her sides, revealing a tight white tank top that hugged her upper body.

Simon finally found a small square of red cloth, pulling it from one end from under the other fabrics and tiny trinkets. He made his way back to the mirror and laid it down at his feet to shape out how he would cut it.

Lilith let out another sigh, and then a short yawn. Her eyes wandered around the grooves and indents in the ceiling, and she turned her head to view her roommate's goings on.

"You look stupid." She said flatly.

"I know." Simon reached for a pair of scissors and held the rings of it with both hands. He has anticipated this response. Not much he could do to argue it. Only acknowledge it.

"You aren't going out to fight rats are you?"

"No." He started to cut a rectangular piece from the cloth. It was tightly knit. Not exactly soft like wool. He wasn't able to identify it. Generic. But sturdy.

"...because cardboard won't defend you from-"

"I'm larping..." He said, finishing the long rectangular shape.


"Live action role-playing. It''s this big tradition here. All the small-ish students dress up in cardboard and hit each other with sticks."

The 'Lil Larp was a tradition started at this supernatural school 20 years prior to the both of them joining. All of the fairies, boggarts, the smallish type of "elf", brownies, and any species under 6 inches would construct a small fortress to do battle in. Part of the fun was the actual larp, and the other part was the fortresses constructed each year, each one very complex, sometimes themed, and minimal supplies needed for the smaller scale allowed them to be massive.

Lillith rolled onto her side, her breasts moving down and resting heavily against the bed."...role-playing, eh?" Something piqued her interest.

"Yeah...admittedly it's a little lame, but  it sounded kind of interesting. And I'll get a chance to meet a few people my size."

He cut the cape at the end, cutting a triangle into the fabric, forming two strips of separated fabric right at the end. He brought the two strips to his shoulders and tied them tightly around this neck, giving this lovely cardboardium allow armor a flowing heroic cape to lead the charge into battle.

A devilish smile spread across the buxom vampire's face, along with a raised brow. She slowly lifted herself up to a sitting position, eyeing the tiny boy from across the room. Her more sinister side was coming out.  She wasn't entirely psychotic. But it was debatable if she wasn't just a little sadistic. Slowly, she rose, quietly, and started in his direction.

"You know, the roleplay part does sound kind of fun." Her tone was playful.

Simon's heart skipped a beat. "....okay." The tone and sudden interest concerned him.

Suddenly she was at the desk, which was about waist-high for her. She leaned in, placing both hands at the sides of the desk, casting a shadow over him, bosom hanging in. Simon turned to look up at her, looming over her, breasts the size of small houses, eyes half-closed, smiling.

"What say we do a little bit  of roleplaying?" She smiled.

" what? Like...uh." He felt incredibly vulnerable. "Like...weird stuff?"

"More of a knight and dragon thing." She sat down, her bust slamming down right in front of Simon.

The brownie lurched back a bit and looked up at her. "...can I ask why?"

"I'm bored." She answered with a smile.

"What...what do you have in mind?" He had no real choice, so it seemed.

"Well, I'm about ready to nap, so this'll be short." She leaned in, her gargantuan bosom encroaching upon the desk, threatening to bury him. "Here's my idea. I have to pin you...let's say...three times. Like this."

Suddenly, with unfathomably quick speed, her hand was on top of him, pinning him to the wooden surface. He yelped a little, suddenly finding himself against a cold white palm.

Slowly, she lifted the hand off of him, smiling with childish glee. "If i do, I win. I'm the dragon."

Simon cocked his head to the side and stepped back. "Not...uh...much of a dragonish thing to do. Wouldn't a dragon...breathe fire.." He thought about continuing the description, but the other things that dragons did were rather devilish. DragonsL the dicks of the animal kingdom.

Lilith placed an elbow on the desk and reseted her head upon her hand. The two just looked at each other for a second. "Would a dragon do this?" She quickly pinched his cape and hoisted him up off the desk and up to her level. Her mouth opened wide, revealing a set of fangs, and she hoisted him up again, hanging him above her maw.

He could feel her breath wafting up his shirt and under his armor. In a panic, he began to flail wildly, quickly looking for a way out. His hands scrambled for the tied knot around his neck, feeling the fabric for the inside of the tie. But, as he was about to undo the cape and make a daring escape, she closed her mouth and lowered him back to eye-level, dangling him helplessly in the air.

"Would a dragon do that?" She smiled.

"I-uh-yuh-yeh-" He was still shaken. "...yes."

"Well, we can't have that." She lowered him to about an inch above the desk and let go of the cape. "Perhaps I'm just a giant. Or some kind of valkyrie. Basically, if I pin you three times, I win."

" do I win?" He inquired. "If...if it's possible."

"Just 'stab' me in the heart. With that little toothpick there." She pointed to her heart, pushing in a bit on her breast.

" there any prize waiting for me at the end of this?" Simon scowled.

She giggled a bit. "Well, there's a consequence to avoid. If you get pinned before you can finish, you'll spend all of my nap in the dungeon.."

He didn't recall ever referring to anything in the dorm room as a dungeon. Or ever constructing one. "What dungeon?"

Her eyelids lowered and her lips curled into a sultry look, and her hand reached over to her top, right in her cleavage. She tugged at the shirt and pointed to the inside, between her massive breasts.

Simon just stared, a look of shock and terror plastered upon his face. At the same time it looked kind of enticing. But the desire of being between them was more than gone when he was reminded that being in there would be like being stuck between two blue whales. Two very round, warm, overly shiny, soft, bouncy, heavy whales.

"...I can't refuse this quest, can I?" He muttered grimly.

The vampire sat up fully, looming over him, and slowly shook her head with a smile.

"Welp..." He sighed. "I shall best you, almighty titaness." He said totally deadpan, in a horrible british accent.

And like that, her hands slammed down on both ends of the desk and quickly came together. Simon leapt backward, the two hands meeting in front of him with an ear-splitting clapping sound. He quickly regained his footing, and charged directly at her.

Stab her in the boob. His feet pounded the ground and he quickly pulled out his sword and shield.

One of her hands was then put in front of him, curling the fingers in preparation to flick him.

He quickly put up the sheet of cardboard and held it in front of him. She flicked him, the power equivalent to a hard punch at standard scale, and at Simon's minimized scale, something like being hit my a mack truck. It the shield absorbed most of it, but it send him flying back, and he tumbled onto his stomach upon landing.

She quickly extended her index finger and firmly placed it on his back. "One." The girl smiled.

Simon squirmed under the tip of her finger, unable to move under the applied force. "Alright. Let me up." He tried lifting himself, but she had him pinned. She released him, and he scrambled to his feet, turning to face her. Lilith met him with a mischievous smile.

Simon scowled, getting into a a more ready stance. He placed one foot forward, bent his knees, and lowered his head, slowly tipping his cardboard cube hat forward. His eyes narrowed, and his grip tightened on his weapons. A look of determination spread across his face. "I'm so screwed."

She reached for him again, but he quickly moved out of the path of her hand, then leaping onto her arm and starting to run back to it's source. Lilith took notice of this, and rotated her arm over. But he was vigilant. He would get to that boob. With a turn and a push of the foot, he was centimeters above the surface, escaping being flipped onto the desk. Upon landing, he kept running. He was fast. But she was...well, you know.

It felt like he was in the clear. He might actually make it. The giant, house-sized mass, hugged tightly by the white tank top, bouncing every so slightly with each movement she made. But suddenly he was hit by some unknown force that  knocked him off of her arm and clear across the desk, up against the square wooden boundaries of the desk. He bounced off the wooden wall, flopping onto his back, and all of his breath was forced out of him. he gasped, in shock. Quickly getting to his feet, but failing to regain his balance, he stumbled over to the side and caught himself, putting his foot down before he could topple over again.

He noticed his sword on the ground in front of him, and then noticed that he himself did not have his. He tried dashing for it, but suddenly a gigantic mass slammed down in front of him, landing on top of the sword. Failing to stop himself, he bounced off the massive white blob, and looked up to find Lilith again, who had managed to linger in the back of his mind in the fractions of seconds he had been downed.

One of her mammoth breasts covered the sword, and she looked down at him, her playful look morphing into something that, with his situation and mindset, looked like something sinister. He was still inches from the wooden wall, and her breast could more than cover that short distance.

She rotated, and her bosom slid rapidly towards him. It slammed against him, carrying his tiny body with it into the wall. Next thing he knew he was up against the wooden wall, between a rock and a soft place. If anyone had looked on the scene it would only look like she had leaned up against the edge of the desk to the point of compressing her chest a bit, the minuscule roommate totally overtaken by her bosom.

He struggled a bit, but the fabric and soft tissue surrounded him. But then she turned back to a regular orientation, Simon falling over from the wall he was plastered against.

"Two." Lilith smiled. She leaned back, arms reached out, letting out a yawn. Simon, peeling himself off the floor, looked at the barely-contained "dungeon" in her top that threatened to subject him to an unpleasant 1 to 3 hour period. With a sigh, he stood up and lunged for the sword, snatching it up and scrambling to a safe distance. He looked up at her, and she, ending her yawn, looked back at him. Their eyes locked. They stared at each other, her with a smile and him with a look of sullen determination.

He quickly stepped back, and she straightened up to strike. She slammed her hand down, him quickly rolling out of the way and running onto the top of her hand. He started running up her arm, but she suddenly lifted her arm up, pushing him against the arm until it was high in the air. He clung to the arm, his tiny arms wrapped around it. Then, she quickly began to slam it down onto the desk. But he quickly let go when he noticed the course of action being taken, and let go, starting a fall downward. He landed on the top of her hair and bounced off the side, quickly clinging to one of her locks of hair, dangling helplessly in the air.

He didn't have much time to act. A giant hand came out of nowhere with the intent to grab him, but he would not be easily bested. He released his grip on the hair and dropped right below the hand, quickly grasping it again. Lilith, growing frustrated shook her head, her strands of hair shaking the tiny knight. When the hair began to move in the direction of her shoulders, he dropped, landing hard against her shoulder, and rolling onto her bulging chest. He put his hand down to stop himself, bouncing a bit on the soft surface before making it to his feet, but quickly falling over due to the uneven surface.

Lilith's free hand smacked down on the surface of her breast, fingers curling in and wrapping around his tiny form. She lifted him up and, feeling a sudden surge of sadism and playfulness, leaned back and placed him on the edge of the table.

Simon blinked. When the hand left him, he found himself laying in the shadow of her ample chest, the two enormous masses blocking out any kind of light and negating any kind of quick escape. They were large enough to cover most of the area around him, and she was fast enough to ensure he wouldn't  escape in time. The total feeling of helplessness and insignificance seemed to cloud his methodical mind. The two enormous masses hung over head, at such an angle where nothing else above him appeared. It was over.

And then...WHUMP.

Everything went dark and he felt his whole form being slammed and compressed into nothing by a warm collective mass, pushing him both into the table and into it's own softness. The pressure was immense, and the impact felt like it was going to break his entire body. And then it was over, the immense pressure subsiding.

Lilith sighed, her sadism sort of fading away. She just looked down at him bountiful cleavage, her tiny roommate trapped somewhere under it. And then she started to feel a twinge of regret.

The two had been living in the same room for unknown reasons ever since they had arrived at this supernatural academy three months prior. Day one she established her own sort of dominating force, keeping him in line and making sure nothing private left the room containing this mixed-gender combination. The actual succubi did most of the irrefutable and racy things, but the two at first garned a little attention for the pairing.

At first the she made sure that she both didn't care about and didn't care for the finger-sized boy, but Simon tried to be kind to her. Not without his kindness being born somewhat out of a fear of what she would do to him. And eventually she began to mellow to him. But she was already in a domineering rush in the moment.

She lifted up her breasts, and he laid on the table, flat on his back, unharmed. She gently picked him up and held him in her palm, moving him up to face her.

"Three." She was getting tired. And so was he. He still laid there on her cold palm, sitting up to face her with a look of resignation. She returned with a warm smile. "I think I'm ready...-" Lilith let out quiet yawn. "-for a nap."

He sighed, equally tired. He stood up on her palm, taking a second to get his balance, and removed his armor and weapons, tossing them down onto the desk. "And I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

She quickly jerked her hand and caused him to fall over, and then wrapped her fingers around him, forming a fist. With him in hand, she started for her bed, but not before using one to undo her belt and drop her jeans, adding another piece of clothing to the small pile on the floor. His eyes widened as he watched it happen, but he quickly looked away to avoid being more perverted then he was about to be. She looked over at him and smiled again when she saw his face turning a bright red.

She turned and sat down on the bed, leaning back slightly and examining her prisoner.

"Well, that was fun." She said.

He sighed. "I guess. Not...uh...not really that much of a gas when you're the mouse."

She smiled. "I'm sorry. I was just bored."

Her open hand pulled the front of the tank top out a bit.

"And I didn't want to nap alone." She said kidding. For the most part.

Simon sighed in totally defeat. Her hand moved over to the center of her enormous bosom, both tightly held by her top and barely contained. They were huge. Something beyond a DD-cup. Possibly an E. Maybe a little more. That was one of the many reasons she wore sweaters. For one, sunlight irritated her skin. But also they mostly contained her breasts as much as she could. And hid then from the more perverted of her peers.

With her hand, trapping Simon, she reached into the gap between them and let go at the center. She removed her hand, looking down at tiny prisoner, his head and shoulders visible.

Simon attempted to move, but he was trapped. Admittedly it was very soft, and for a girl who possessed very little body heat, he was very warm. She oriented her body so she could lay down on the school-provided twin bed, settling on her back. She smiled down at him, and he looked up at her, more neutral.

"How is it?." She gave him a very warm look.

"It's a little...erm...tight." He said, attempting to move. He managed to wriggle out both of his arms, but only so he would lay them down on the soft surface.

She giggled a little, reminding him that she was still a person, and a young girl at that, under all that raw power and playfulness. "Well," She said, "Don't suffocate in there."

She rolled over onto her side and the pressure shifted, one breast rolling onto him just a bit while the other spread out slightly on the bedspread. He huffed a bit, but was he starting to get comfortable. Being a brownie helped. "Alright." He gave a nod. "Only if you don't smush me."

Her eyes slowly closed, and after a yawn, she said: "Deal."

He looked up at her, and tried to press down on the two mammoth masses that kept him in place in order to free himself, but after exerting himself to his limit, she laid one arm over her rack and prevented his escape. He could see her smiling out of satisfaction, and he sighed, laying his head down on the soft breast next to him and slowly closing his eyes, trying to make the best of it.

"Try not to wake me." She whispered.

"I'll try." He whispered back, drifting off.

There were worse ways to nap.
I figured I would try my hand at writing and drawing, letting a little bit of my fetish drive my content and inspiration.

I know the concept sounds about as deviantarty as possible. Vampire. Fetish related. Monster school. Busty character. I won't argue how cliche it is. But whatever.

I want to incorporate Lilith and Simon into stories in the future, maybe flesh out the characters a bit. We'll see.
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Now THIS is a story! you've certainlycaptured the characters personalities well. Good job!
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Hey, thanks mang.
Kirby1250 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Student Filmographer
Don't mention it.
zeek240 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012
Epic story! I love the parts when she uses her breast as weapons and smother him!
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