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Hitting The Beach by ThaddeusMcBoosh Hitting The Beach by ThaddeusMcBoosh
"'re still..." Lilith peered into the room to find a familiar face still up and at-'em at this hour. Surprising. But not totally unheard of. He was probably doing what he did best: tinkering. Well, technically being a dullard and a doofus was what he was best at according to Lilith, but she would agree that his tinkering skills were proficient. He had tuned up one of her swatches with his deft little fingers just a little while ago.

"Hm?" He turned, revealing that he was wearing a head-mounted eyeglass that sat heavily on the side of his head.

"You're still up?"

"Oh...yeah..well, I just was working on this and figured I'd finish."

Lilith entered the door and immediately removed her light jacket. It was getting warmer. The year was just about up for them as it was. With little hesitation she opened her closet and sorted through a few blouses and jackets until she finally came across a certain garment, the sight of which made he giddy with anticipation.

Simon didn't want to look, but he could hear the sound of clothing being tossed around her side of the room. A familiar sound. One he knew to simply turn away from to preserve what little honor he could still keep considering her experimental and liberal use of...well...herself around him.

"Well, since you're up..." She finally spoke after a long bout of silence, her tone more inquisitive. He could still her the sound of her plentiful body making its way in and out of clothing in ways that perplexed all that knew her. "Wanna go to the beach?"

"...the beach?"

"Yeah. They just opened it a little ways from town and I was going to go see it. Maybe have a little swim. Wanna come?"

"...ah..well...'spose I....uh...could..." He looked down at his work. The assorted gears and plates he had forged himself the metal tanks full of compressed gas. He looked at this spread of industrious excess and remembered the spark of imagination that pushed his body and mind to the point where the twilight hours became viable hours to work. Could he really pull himself away now? "...yeah, awlright."

Lilith smiled to herself as she tied the loose pieces of fabric around her waist. The sudden cool breezes of air gently pressed against her body suddenly gave her movements a more liberated feel.

"I don't think I got the brass t' swim in the ocean, though." He said, standing from the desk and walking across the table over to his little living space, positioned across the room and embedded in the wall, suspended a few feet above the floor. "Or any kind a' swimwear."

Swimwear. A marvel of modern engineering. The synthetic fibers. Maximizing your capacity to move underwater while making the transition between walking and swimming quicker and less troublesome. Water could flow right in and out with no trouble.

Though he never understood the bikini. The one-piece made sense. Water would pass right over the body. And it had no chance of coming off without a little negotiation. Aisling had the right idea, though her suit was made from some variety of riverbed weed twisted, weaved, and then bombarded with arcane ancient magics. It could stretch to lengths unknown and seemed to never really  show signs of wear or tear. Only the god's knew why. Not like she could convey it.

Indeed, the bikini. He found Lilith clad in one.

It made no sense.

Two points of contact for the top? That was all keeping this socially acceptable?

And string ties from the bottom? It was stylish and all, but it was stretched so wide by her ample hips and plump thighs that he wasn't sure they'd hold. 

Luckily Lilith was simply going for what fit. The outfit was, for the most part, conservative. Well, by the standards of what the bikini was it didn't look like an accidental slip up would reveal too much to him and force him to morally atone somehow. Even her ample behind looked as if it was covered by the cloth rather than cut down the middle by it.

"What you think?" She put her arms off and let her curvaceous shape become clear to the boy. Not like it would matter, but she enjoyed teasing the boy.

"'s...practical." He said. He was so unbelievably used to her voluptuous figure he was barely fazed.

"...and?" She smiled and closed in on him.

"And water retardant?"

"Well, you know how to make a girl feel special, Simon." She grinned and loomed over the desk, her supple breasts hanging pendulously overhead. How easy it would be to just fall. But she was almost too proud to let her act slip now. It had been four or so grueling months of resistance. And she still wanted to just pounce him right there and, like, shove him between her thighs or something.

Though she had come to appreciate the moments that weren't just cheap thrills. The thought of a few hours hanging at the beach delighted her almost as much as a night of rough nonromantic platonic cuddling. 

"Ready?" She asked.


"Now...uh..." Lilith debated putting this out there. But honestly she was in a good enough mood and bursting with familiar levels of confidence. "I was thinking the other day, I don't have any pockets. But I have a few places to tuck you away."


"And...well...this is stupid but I realized a good place to put you, when, um," She cocked her head and looked away. "When I put you in my cleavage you just get knocked around. Same for behind me. My shoulder isn't stable, and this beach bag here is full of towels and other things that'll probably fall on you...but..." She smiled goofily and bit her lip.


"Well if I put you here-" She pointed to the side of her bikini bottom around the greater curve of her hips. "The hip bones would be too much for you but...well...get this. The most comfortable place to keep you secured, well, here."

She pointed to the front of her bikini bottom.

"In the waist band." She blushed.

"..." Simon's eyes opened wide. It took him nary a second to turn red and look up at her.

"Because you'd be held in place perfectly by the band, and my stomach would pad one of your sides. And since it doesn't bounce around or tug the band too'd be....y'know. It was just a thought." She smiled and turned back to him. "Funny, right? Like, the one place for you is...uh...yeah..."

"I could just...walk."

"Maybe that's for the best." She laughed.

Weaksauce writing.

Implicit sexuality.

Full body shot.

How bad am I at full body shots? Lilith has four toes. That's how bad.

Originally this picture started out with Simon riding in the front of Lilith's bikini bottom. But honestly that was more suggestive than I was willing to go for. And honestly I think that's a line Lilith would stop at when getting close to Simon. 

Also right now I'm fried. I'm tired, hungry, and this was just a throwaway drawing that I though looked alright. So the description officially ends here.
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TheRealYuma Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
What kind of vampire is she anyway?
ThaddeusMcBoosh Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, sort of a dulled-down european type? I think. Like, weak to silver, sunlight, and holy water. Immortal as long as she keeps her body full of blood. Super strength, enhanced sense of smell, hearing, and a regenerative ability that allows her to tank most hits no problem.

But there is a little plot detail in there about her and why she is where she is. And why she looks the way she looks. But that's for another day.
TheRealYuma Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
And she became a giantess how? And can she turn others into vampires like her right down to the height?
ThaddeusMcBoosh Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thing is that canonically she's never been giant. The rest of the gang are all tiny, Simon standing at a mere four inches tall. 

It's a bit confused. Really. Because, like, I like giant Lilith because giant Lilith is fun and all that, but in reality she's stands only at 5'7", with no ability to change that.

She can turn people into vampires with a bite, but that won't affect their size.
rockyhornb Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
OH my GAD these new proportions
jacob110110 Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Good lord those hips.

Lilith's slight awkwardness at the end of the writing was cute. It seems like even her words are starting to become a little more restrained
JumpingGummies123 Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
I hope Simon has plenty of sunscreen!

(also the person above is correct, you have a lovely yet simple art style and your writing is very good as well, more art should be accompanied by writing!)
MegaScarletsteam Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist
the writing and drawing seem great to me
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