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Simon looked up from his book, staring mostly into the distance. The ocean stretched across his view.

"Could you do me a solid?" Lilith called out from behind, addressing the boy propped up against her shoulder. 

"What?" He set his book down on the towel, already knowing he'd have to go mobile for whatever she was about to request of him. He debated if he should rise to his feet or not. But he was up before she had time to continue.

"I have an itch on my stomach I can't scratch."

Simon blinked, turning to her. He was right by her face, her white locks of hair scattered near his feet. She turned her head to the side and faced him, he billboard-sized face filling his view.

"You have an-"

"An itch I just can't scratch, yes." She responded matter-of-factly, look at him with no discernible expression. The two locked eyes for a moment. Simon didn't want to play this out. Lilith knew he would.

"Can't you scratch it?" Simon perked a brow.

"Well, I'm trying, but-" She turned to address herself peering down the contours of her breasts, their bulk filling her view, and reaching a hand for her stomach. She shook her hand and twitched her fingers  near her waist, as if they were bound. "I can'" She dramatically restrained herself before letting her hands fall to her sides, sitting belly up in a defeated position. She then turned back to Simon. "See?"

Simon stared. Lilith immediately cracked a smile which she attempted to cover up. The two stared each other down for a moment. But both of them knew the inevitable outcome of this little exchange. Simon sighed, his posture sagging under the weight of his indifference. He rolled his shoulders for a moment and prepared for the worst, then looking for a place to climb up onto her body.


Lilith was already there to meet him, immediately reaching out and plucking him effortlessly from the ground. She curled her fingers around him, hoisting him high into the air, pinching two pale fingers around the collar of his shirt. She suspended him above her face for a moment, eyeing him. Taking note of his features. His stature. How she could fit him in her fist. How her finger was as tall as he was.

"Thanks, boo." Lilith smiled.

"Stop calling me 'boo'." Simon said flatly.

"Then stop being my 'boo'." She stuck her tongue out.

Using her other hand, she gently brought the tip of her index finger up and gently ran it across his face, caressing his minuscule features. She smiled warmly, rubbing her finger against his cheek. She sighed to herself, her smile widening in the process. He was still small. It was a fact that she had internalized and yet took total joy in being reminded of. 

She giggled to herself, running her fingertip up and down the side of his face. Simon didn't resist. 

Finally with a sigh she lowered him onto her right breast, letting him drop a short distance and tumble down the mountain of soft flesh and landing in the miniature valley between her gargantuan endowments. Another reminder that he was small. And also that she was big. She did possess a pair of shirt-busting, head-turning, bra-tearing, top-straining melons that any normal sized person would describe as 'huge'. But to Simon...

Heh heh. But to Simon....

They could have easily qualified as 'house-sized' when compared to Simon. And not a modest dwelling, either. A two-story high end residence. Even in their current state, lazily abiding by the laws of gravity and spreading out on her sides, they still towered over him.  If she wanted to, she could have easily united them and made the poor boy disappear between two masses of soft vanilla. But, she let him be, watching him merely pull himself to his feet.

He walked crookedly across the fabric of her bikini top, stretched thin by the brethren moons it was forced to contend with, and finally found himself on her stomach, his bare feet finally pressing against her skin, sinking in ever so slightly. 

Lilith savored the tiny sensations. They evidence of his presence. Like someone was gently running their fingers down her stomach. Simon walked, steadily, then taking a knee and calling back to Lilith. 

"Okay. Where is this itch?"

"Mmmm...." Lilith felt his tiny knee sink into her stomach. "....a little lower. Near my belly button."

Simon obliged, crossing her stomach, the landscape rising and falling with each colossal breath on her end. Finally he stopped, looking down at her navel. 

"Yeah, right there. By your feet." Lilith called out.

Simon took a knee and began to try and scratch Lilith's stomach, the pillowy surface of her toned stomach barely abiding by his influence. He could get his fingers to sink in, but her skin was too soft and too smooth to scratch effectively. 

"Mmm...a little bit to the left." She purred. 

Simon huffed, obeying. Lilith let out a soft sigh and relaxed, seemingly sinking into her towel, She looked up at the parasol above them eyeing the sunlight between the threads.

"How's that?" Simon called out.

Lilith giggled to herself. "You're too good. Lower, though."

Simon, again, obeyed. He eyed his surroundings, looking for Lilith's inevitable surprise. Maybe a stray hand would sweep by and tuck him into her cleavage. Or she'd roll, and then sandwich him between her and the ground. It wasn't anything he hadn't been through before. 

But nothing seem to come of it. 

"Alright, that's good." She called out, then bringing a hand down and extending a finger. "Thank you again, boo."

"Don't call me boo."

She laughed and tussled his hair with her finger,  then gently sweeping him onto his back, laying face-up on her stomach. He sank into her, a sweet-smelling aroma filling the air around him. He immediately attempted to scramble to his feet, but using a single finger, she forced him back down onto his back, where she then waiting for him to settle.

"Then stop being my 'boo'~" Lilith chimed, letting her fingers rest on top of him, pinning him helplessly to her midsection.

There he lay, inert.

Lilith gently inhaled and exhaled, the floor below him rising and falling with each breath. Like the motion of the ocean in the distance, Simon felt himself ebb and flow at Lilith's will, the cozy rhythm put out by her massive body gently mushing him against her fingers.

Lilith was warm. The summer air had turned her cool body warm. And that warmth emanated outward onto him. The living landscape around him invited him to settle. Or rather, it forced him to. All he could do was stare skyward, assaulted by a bed of supple flesh that overtook him with each inhalation. 

So, he settled.

He ceased his desire to locomotive. To act. To push. As all he could do was

Until Lilith rapidly set up.

"Now hang on." She giggled.

The landscape shifted, Lilith's hand releasing Simon and planting itself by her hips. Her stomach whirled from  laying flat to standing straight, sending him first sliding, then falling, down her core. He lurched outward, his hand seemingly firing out to the first handhold available: Her navel. She sat up so fast he immediately fell and slapped against her bikini bottom, dangling helplessly.

Lilith stood, feeling the tiny pinch around her belly button, and held herself high, trying to make the distance between Simon and the ground that much larger. The wind rushed past the poor boy hanging from her stomach, his legs flapping against the powerful breeze kicked up the mountain of a woman he clung to. 

"Now-" Lilith called out, her voice seemingly more distant. "Boo." 

Her hand presented itself again to Simon, before a lone finger slipped itself into the waistband at her thigh. The cloth pinched against her voluptuous contours, and she ran her finger from the edge much closer to Simon.

Lilith exhaled and spoke aloud. Deeply. Huskily. "I have another itch I need you to scratch." She murmured, her voice dripping with desire.


"Kidding~" She chirped.

Writing happened. It ain't great. 
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spsmith22 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017
water-bug-62208 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017
Nice.  Love her HUGE voluptuous thickness and curves, and love how her bikini squeezes and tightly fits her LARGE breasts and BROAD hips.  Love the area of focus of her sexy physique, and love the thick, voluptuous looks of her HUGE, sexy thighs.

Thanks for sharing!
GamePonySly Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016  Student
DELICIOUS!!Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Oh my I love the swells and curves of a clean, voluptuous body. Nice lines on her... enticing!
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I am quiet. 
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Oh My XD
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Lilith is soo sexy!!!!
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But the writing is great
joe411 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Great writing, I'm impressed.

A little surprised you didn't make him go into her giant navel, that would have been quite something. Then again, I am a big biased, being a navel fetishist and all.
iowaguy1979 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
good  wriitings, and great piuc!  well done!
77Rossman Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
I wish I was Simon's size. I could crawl into Lilith's bikini bottom, squirm around inside there, and have Lilith make some heavy panting love noises.  Horny! Horny! Horny! Horny! Horny! Horny! 
ThaddeusMcBoosh Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Easy there, compadre.

You gotta romance a lady before you get intimate.
77Rossman Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
Yeah...sorry...but a shot of a girl's bikini bottom like that image is bound to give any young man something erect growing in their pants.
bobsag1 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
so im sorry, I didnt get all that, did she tell him to get into her vagina or what?
ThaddeusMcBoosh Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
She was taunting him with the idea of dropping him down her bikini bottom. A crass joke at Simon's expense.
bobsag1 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
I'll take that either way.
Feyzer Featured By Owner Edited Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*gasp* Well that is more than close to sexyawesumness..* <x3
im-a-duck Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
Nice. It's always a treat when you write a short story to accompany an image. It's also quite a lovely picture, but that's come to be expected from you.
TempDAlogin Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
I like it.
meman101 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 17, 2016
Keep going Thaddeus, except cut out on the Sexual jokes, as that really doesn't seem like Liliths kind of humor. Good to see more of Simon though. As a side note, where is the adorable tiny demon and the Wanderer? I mean Outsider. It has been too long since we have seen them.
JoeTheVenezuelan Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Lovely <3
Veganix Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016
I dig how playful she is, that ending was great :3
Haven't seen ya in a while! This was refreshing
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love your drawings they are always cheeky and cute. totally inspired by this image =3
SquareofOne Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016
Such a navel gazer.
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Oooh just wow. Lilith you are a naughty girl.
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