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February 15, 2013
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Simon unfolded the crumpled piece of paper, sort of looking at it but focusing more on what he personally could remember. He went over the essentials. Water. Food. Maybe a few medical supplies. But he was also on the lookout for books of some kind. Books about culture, and society. Language. Art. That sort of thing. Mostly for Aisling. He figured he would do something in return for her company and protection.

He made his way past a few small cottages and into the small village resting beside the river, the path dotted with small-scale farms and families working on the edge of town. Nymphs, mostly. Not much taller than himself. From a distance they didn't look too disimilar to brownies. Though up close he could more or less see the obvious differences between them.

Nymphs were a fairer-skinned people, with a tendency towards lighter hair colors. Not to mention their larger pointed ears. Still, they were closer to brownies in size than any other species. Simon had a tendency to feel unusually out of place in the crowds of fairies he ofter found himself trekking through, standing a head or two below most of the shorter fairies. He would often draw a few looks too. His shorter stature, scruffier appearance, and the fact that the arm of his jacket was sewed on from a completely different material, and his large disproportionate button of human origin. Some would look and marvel at the rarity of a brownie, and others would give him puzzled or disdainful looks. 

Though he didn't draw any nasty looks. Unlike parts of nymph country. Nymphs and brownies had a very long and very bloody war a few years prior to his conception. The details were a bit murky, but the two parties ended up fighting wars for two different fairy empires. A few decades of bloodshed later and nothing had really changed, except the abundance of new weapons and structures that dotted the landscape. Officially there may had been a treaty, though neither party could really say the war was over.

Simon's childhood, driven by his father who was a soldier and his artisan anti-war mother, was an obvious product of the uneasy post-war peace. On one side his father would emphasize urgency and efficiency on top of teaching Simon a small arsenal of brownie weaponry and survival tactics. He would often keep his skills with the sword and brownie firearms in top shape, just in case he would have to man up and defend his home. Meanwhile his mother, orphaned by the war and raised by a group of pixie nomads taught him diplomacy and understanding, as well as uglier parts of history, in an overarching hope that this would shift the minds of the next generation and evade the tragedy that befell them.

With the underlying fear of another war in the brownie culture and the crumbling forts of war dotting the landscape, Simon was quick to realize what had happened. Not that he felt more than acknowledgement. He kept himself rather reserved, not falling into any ideological stance on the war or his instructions. He thought it best not to get in the way of two unstoppable objects and just go through the motions of his parents' teachings. To him it just happened. It can't be undone, and it's best not dwelled upon.

Not that he didn't catch some passing glances in Nymph country. Though he was allowed a bit of social lenience  being born in the next generation. But tensions still ran high. A war like that isn't easily forgotten...

A few blocks away, near the heart of town there was a bustling market. This small village was fit with all the essential shops. A few fresh-picked fruit stands packed with an entire spectrum of colorful berries, an older book store that sat quietly in an alleyway, a large stone weapon shop, it's structure as strong as it's contents, and a number of taverns and inns.

The time of day, about noon, would be a rational explanation for the massive crowds that seemed to swarm every shop. All with pockets full of hard-earned coin or barter for a good meal or a luxury. Nothing new. Par for the course for most villages.

But there was something different. Not with the town or it's economic practices, it's infrastructure or people, but rather one specific visitor.

A short hooded figure moved and weaved their way through the crowds, stopping for a second to take a look at the surroundings and then continuing to move. Each step with quick. Deliberate-like. Efficient. Entirely covered by their cloak and hood, the figure seemed to move inconspicuously through the crowds, standing significantly shorter than the crowds.

The cloak itself was very ornate. A deep shade of red. With the nymph nation emblem wrapping around the side. The hood was a pearlish white, along with the collar and a separate ceremonial cloth draped down the middle, adorned with various runic symbols. They were Oda robes, the magic-savvy group up north. For the locals, "group" was the best description possible. No body really knew what the Oda did. Or even how one would be able to get in. Were they a cult? A clan? A school for the magically gifted? Who knew? And honestly, who cared? Especially this far from the untamed north. The people had other concerns. Like mounting tensions between species. Or who can drink the most without losing it.

The hooded figured drifted into a nearby alleyway, taking a few passing glances to make sure she didn't have anyone's attention. Maybe a few looks due to her height and the red robes, but the public indifference would keep her hidden. She looked over the alley, paved with cracked bricks and lined with a few untrimmed vines. Neglected. Almost forgotten. Except for a shop near the other end. She approached it, looking at the hanging wooden sign that sat outward into street. Lily's Books and Other Publications. It was wooden. Hand painted. Nicely done, as it seemed. The figured paused for a second, and then decided a bit of time could be spared to look over this forgotten store.

The tall wooden door opened with a small bell chime, and the figure entered the store. A few small lanterns lit the many high shelves, adored with books and scrolls, small little trinkets, gems, small bottles, box sets, and other assorted colorful objects. "Quaint." The figure thought to herself. The shelves were usually high, compared to other nymph shops, and something about the structure was a bit different. Everything sort of laid about, put wherever it would fit. Scatterbrained placement. But it all just allowed this tiny book store to become more and more charming. 

"Oh-" There was a sound of rustling and footsteps. "H-hello." A voice sheepishly said to the right from the door.

The figure turned and found a very surprising sight. A wide-eyed bespectacled brunette who had been organizing papers the same way she organized everything else raised herself to full height, the counter she stood behind only coming to the middle of her thighs despite in defiance of it's waist-high intentions. She was wearing a simple green sweater with an absent upper back half, and her fair complexion stood out against the brown hues of the shop and her youthful looks contrasted starkly with the age of the shop. A fairy. And an unusually tall one at that.

It was safe to assume that this fairy, with her conservative looks and unorganized demeanor was the "Lily" the sign referred to.

"Um-" Lily adjusted her glasses nervously. "Is there anything you're looking for...?" Best to ask that first.

The hooded figure turned to her, giving a mild smirk, and then walked to the side opposite of her to look at the books. "No." The figure said. "Just looking around."

There was a silence. The muffled sounds of the crowd could be heard outside.

Lily couldn't help but look at her new customer. The robes sort of caught her attention. She recognized them from somewhere. With a half-second session of checking her memory, she remembered where she saw them.

"Um-" Her nervous verbal tick. Her shyness was a bit of a charm for a few of the locals. But she was trying to improve it over time. "Are you a...member of the Oda?" She asked, immediately regretting it. "Um-unless you're not supposed to talk to outsiders about it or-"

"I was." The figure said calmly, talking out a book and looking over the warn pages.

"Oh." Lily said, sort of sinking back from the counter. The conversation had hit a dead end. Best not to inquire further.

Another silence. More perplexed looks from Lily. The robe itself had no place to fit wings through and a nymph nation emblem on the side. From what she had read, the Oda was composed of fairies. Her head started playing with the possibilities.

The figure notice a few trinkets sitting a few shelves up. She tried to raise herself up on the tips of her toes and reach them, but they fell just out of reach. The facade of mystery and silence was effectively broken by this shelf that sat infuriatingly out of her grasp.

Lily looked on, giving a perplexed look. "Would some help?" She asked as kindly as she could.

A few hops and reaches went by before the figure stopped and gave a nod in defeat.

Lily took a few long strides around the counter and over to the other side of the shop, the hooded one only coming up to her waist. She leaned in and reached a long arm into the shelf, before pulling out a tiny red gem embedded in a leather strap. 

"This?" She asked sheepishly.

The figured looked up, and Lily could finally see her face. A young face, maybe in her teens, with a bit of an embittered expression and hair that was almost grey that seemed to exist en mass under her hood. She gave a nod, and Lily bent over and handed her the trinket.

"Um-do you know what that does?" She said, trying her hardest not to sound arrogant or condescending. 

"Yes," said the nymph in the robes, taking it and wrapping it around her wrist. The gem started to let off a faint glow, and the nymph opened and closed her hand again, examining the bracelet, taking a few glances at Lily.

"How much?" Said the nymph.

"Oh-" Lily leaned in and checked the little price tage on the shelf. " gold."

"A bit cheap for a bracelet of concentration." The nymph said. She took it off and held it in hand and she turned to face the other books. "Thank you." She said, interest fading.

Lily stood there awkwardly for a second before quietly returning to the counter seating herself on a small stool, her knees coming up the the counter. She reached for a nearby book that she used to pass the time, and opened it to a dog-eared page. She didn't like these awkward silences. The shop was so small and she was so big that she felt like she had to converse with the customers, and the silence was her failing to connect or not making a sale. She could only really dedicate half of her concentration on the text. The rest went to what she could have done had she the will to do so.

Then the nymph showed up at the counter, and Lily quietly sat down her book. Sitting on the counter was the same bracelet along with a small engraved compass that had just shown up at her shop. "This is all." Said the nymph, setting a few coins on the counter. Nymph currency. Slightly smaller than the fairy currency that Lily was used to holding. She picked it up, her fingers dwarfing the coins, and then opened the register, returning a few coins to the counter and then giving a warm smile. "Thank you." She said.

The nymph grabbed her purchases and slid them into her pocket, backing up and just sort of standing, facing Lily. 

Lily adjusted her glasses and looked down at the robed nymph, who looked right back at her. Her smile faded and she raised a brow nervously.

The nymph was getting a bit antsy with anticipation. This moment couldn't be any more perfect. Secluded book store, no witnesses, one lone unassuming fairy who was big enough for what was needed. After a moment's thought, the nymph figured she would have a tiny amount of fun with the fairy. But it would be best to strike now before the conditions changed too radically.

"Actually, there is one other thing I need." Said the nymph.

"Oh?" Lily cocked her head slightly.

"Yes. This."

The nymph's hand rose rapidly, the palm facing Lily.

Lily backed up for a second, starting to dread what might happen.

The nymph quickly focused on her target, energy flowing into her hand. It would only take a second. She had practiced several times. The energy built and built and reached the palm. 

She had this in the bag.

In an instant, a wispy flash emitted from the nymph's hand.

The bell on the door rang. In stepped a Simon.

Suddenly Lily was engulfed in in a flash of light, and so was the nymph. In an instant, the nymph shot upwards, her features maturing. Her hips suddenly widened and her breasts swelled, pulled and stretching her previously baggy robe. As her breasts seemed to hang and strain the fabric, she undid her hood and a gigantic mass of hair fell backwards to her waist, just above her broad hips. Her figure became an impossible hourglass, and he proportions outrageous. With long legs, matronly hips, and massive breasts, all of which her robe barely contained.

Simon held the door open in shock, then turning to the counter to find Lily slowly lifting herself up, standing at half of her height. Her clothes were now draped upon her, and her shapely thin figure became a child-like and petite. She looked up, finding the now gigantic nymph with a lovely mass of silver hair staring down at her. Lily quickly backed up in terror, cowering behind the counter shocked and confused. 

Esther gave a twisted grin to the tiny fairy.

Before she had time to savor her latest catch, she turned to the door to find Simon staring up at her, clearly a witness of the events at hand. He gave a wide-eyed look at her, unimaginably confused. Though it didn't take long for him to process what had just taken place.

"What the-"

Esther lunged at him. He was a witness. Her large legs took a step forward. She raised up her leg, the bottom of her foot raised at Simon's chest, and then extended. The foot slammed into his chest, sending him flying backwards and into the wall opposite the shop. He quickly bounced off and rolled onto the ground.

Esther emerged from the shop, scowling at the boy for messing up her plans. There was no easy way to harvest size, but he could have at least waited a second.

Simon quickly raised himself up and onto his feet, much to Esther's surprise. "What the heck did you just-!" Esther quickly raised up her foot again and slammed it into Simon.

But he was at the ready and caught the sides of her boot in his hands, resisting the stomp. "You just stole that poor girl's size!" He shouted pushing back on the foot with a huff and sending Esther stumbling back. She quickly caught herself and attempted to stomp out Simon, but he quickly moved out of the way of the oncoming foot. Esther quickly lunged for him, grabbing him by the arm. With one quick rotation, she flung him painfully into the brick wall, dropping him right afterwards.

With little hesitation, he got back on his feet.

Esther scowled. "Why won't you stay down?!" She said, trying to deliver another kick to his chest. Simon sidestepped the kick and grabbed the thick leg, forcing it back at her and then away from her. Esther fell back with a thud, her anger growing, and glared back at Simon. 

"I respectfully ask that you give back what you stole from that girl." Simon said, anger in his tone.

"Or what?" Esther retorted.

"Or I'll...uh-" Simon faltered for a second. "Hit you...a lot." He said awkwardly. He recalled the training from his father. Magic is only sustained through concentration. Knocking out a caster will disable any spells.

Esther started to raise herself up, but was quickly interrupted by a lunging Simon, who charged his shoulder into her stomach, causing her to stumble further back. Simon had little trouble fighting. She was still thin and only a little bit less than twice his size. 

She sneered back at him and then glared back at crowds on the streets, cracking a smile. She raised on outstretched hand outwards at the crowd.

Simon didn't have much time to act, as a bright flash shot out from her hand and he could see dozens of nymph girls become engulfed in flashes of light. When he looked back at Esther, her body began to grow again, her hips ballooning and legs extending as she sat in the alleyway glaring at the small brownie. Her breasts once again swelled, and the cloak failed to contain the growth, collar ripping open and tearing to reveal a bountiful cleavage. Amazingly the strained fabric covered the rest of her chest. Her legs grew and grew, along with her lovely hair. Suddenly her head emerged form the top of the alleyway. With a quick forward move, the now gigantic girl reached out and snatched Simon from the ground, her palm roughly covering his torso. She stood up, the top of the alley only coming up to her gigantic hips, and wrapped her other hand around the boy, pulling in her fingers and squeezing tiny body.

Simon felt the immense pressure, gritting his teeth in pain. It would take a lot to break his bones, but he stil felt pain. Her large fingers seemed compress his body, and he could see her sadistic pleasure in his agony. Quickly, she jammed his hands between his body and her fingers and pulled outward, freeing himself for a long drop to her feet. Quickly landing on his feet, he tried to retreat backwards, but she quickly grabbed him again and and threw him back onto the ground in front of the book store.

He had seconds to act before he noticed she had turned away from him, her hips rocking a bit with the movement, but then she leapt backwards towards him, her shapely rear end slamming down onto his tiny form. Upon landing she slid back a bit, scraping Simon against the hard ground. She gave him a sadistic grin, looking back down at where she sat, finding everything except his head and shoulders pinned under her gigantic form.

"Urgh-" Simon grunted, his legs being compressed and contorted by her. "-impractical-" He managed to wheeze out, most of the wind knocked out of his body. He wriggled his legs for a second, putting his hands on her giant posterior and forcing himself out from under her. Before she had a chance to react he charged forward, jumping onto her back and grabbing for her mass of hair. With a few quick pulls he quickly leapt up to her shoulders and tried to fasten his arms around her neck, trying to do an improvised sleeper hold, something his father taught him.

It only took a few seconds, before Esther giant hand wrapped around his middle and yanked him off of her neck. She raised herself to her feet that was about as long as Simon was tall, the crowd outside the alleyway taking notice of what was going on. With one fluid motion, she threw him to the ground and then slammed her foot down onto his back.

He shouted out in pain as the foot pounded him into the hard stone, feeling the air being knocked out of him again. Esther, with her foot still planted firmly on his back, leaned in and loomed over him, putting most of her weight on top of him. 

"This time, stay down." She said, raising her foot again and stomping him one more time.

She stepped back, looking down at the crowd. Her eyes noticed a few taller women in the crowd, and she cracked a smile. It wouldn't hurt to be a little bigger, now would it? She stomped over Simon, her large hips brushing against sides of the alleyway. The crowd started to scatter in panic, and she smiled. This was going to be fun.

As she stomped off, Simon grunted in pain, his body crying out in agony. Everything hurt. He wasn't out, but he found a lot of difficulty in moving. And breathing. Slowly struggling to his feet, battered and wheezing, and started to stumble, catching himself on the side of brick wall. "......crap...."

Just then he heard a bell ring behind him, and the miniaturized Lily emerged from the bookstore behind him. He slowly turned, still leaning on the wall. She gave him a nervous and ashamed look, and he sighed and he managed to pull himself off the wall.

"You okay?" He asked her.

"Oh-" She hesitated. "I think I should be asking you that."

"I'll live." He said.

She started a nervous walk towards him, now standing a head shorter than the battered brownie. "I-I...I'm good with healing spells..." She said. "Can it was me-" She swallowed. "Is it okay if I-"

Simon gave a nod. "Yes." How unbelievably convenient. "That would be great." He heard a thump in the distance.

She nervously put her hands out and focused on his wounds, taking a deep breath. Slowly, little yellow wisps emerged from her hands and wrists and started to circle his body. His bruises started to fade, and he could feel the pain inside of his subsiding. It felt like a nice spring breeze that seem to brush against his form. Slowly, he felt everything come back to him.

Magic was always something Simon marveled at. As a brownie, he was physically incapable of performing any kind of magical art, so it was out of his reach. But the simple of idea of it had once entranced him. He had done his fair share of reading, even though to the day magic has never been pinned down by any postulate.

With a deep breath, he felt his strength returning and his pain fleeing. He looked back down at Lily, who timidly looked back at him.

"Thanks..." Simon said kindly, then looking back at the streets, feeling the tiny tremors sent out by Esther's stride. "I'm gonna that..." He motioned to the end of the alleyway, starting in a full sprint but then stopping himself and looking back. "Thanks again." And then he shot off in Esther's direction.

Simon sprinted through the streets, past the abandoned stands and fleeing nymphs, noticing Esther stomping around as she sapped the size of every woman she could find. From the looks of it, she had doubled in size from the last time, most of the two-story shops sitting just below her waist. 

The brownie's eyes scanned the nearby shops and stores in search of some kind of solution. Anything he could formulate a plan around. Mainly knocking her out. Sleeping elixers wouldn't work with her at the size she was at, the last thing he wanted to do was kill her. Suddenly he skidded to a stop at the sight of a weapons shop, quickly running up to it and kicking in the door. Inside sat a crowd of people, huddled together in hopes of being ignored. He looked past them and at the small selection of hand-crafted weapons in search of something. His eyes quickly found a hammer, sitting alone on a rack in the corner. It was as tall as he was, and with a head that was impractically broad.

Simon pointed. "How much for that hammer?!" He shouted urgently.

"Wot?" A large swarthy man sitting behind the counter asked.

"How much for that hammer?"

"Kid, I'm not sellin' anything while that giant wretch be stompin' around out ther." 

"I'm gonna use that hammer to stop her."

"Wot?!" The owner cracked something short of a smile. "That ting's big'r then you are."

The argument was halted when a colossal pair of legs passed by the open shop door, the owner looking out in panic. "Eh, if yoo can lift that sucker and save de town, you can keep the hammah." 

"Thank you!" Simon grabbed the hammer off the rack, huffing under the weight of it and running quick as he could outside. He found Esther, no colossal in size, leaning in and taking a swipe at a building wall, Her hand quickly cleared the brick wall, sending stones raining down behind her, and looked upon the cowering inhabitants. With one quick motion, all of the women shrank down to her original size, and she rapidly grew. He breasts, now colossal masses slamming into each other with each movement, strained against her clothing as it struggled to contain them.

Simon, forumlating a plan, grabbed a nearby brick and chucked it at her head. With a light bonk, she turned, glaring down in the direction of the brick. Each step shook the landscape, and Simon prepped himself for what came next.

"You!" Esther glared down at him. She looked him over, then smiling and leaning on top of a nearby building. "I hope you're not thinking of fighting me again. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a little bit bigger now." She stepped forward, her foot slamming down right next to him. "What could you possibly do?" Simon promptly took a swing of the hammer and hit her ankle. The density of the hammer caused to position to falter and her to stumble forward, her gigantic feet missing Simon. She fell forward and tried to catch herself on one of the shops across the street, placing a hand on the roof. But it promptly collapsed under her weight as he fell and ended up demolishing the second-story walls and roof. 

"That." Simon said, taking a huff.

Esther, now enraged, pressed against the shop and lifted herself up, breaking through second story floor and rising to full height. Simon started for the edge of town, with the gigantic nymph in tow. He tried to weave and dodge he way through the streets, making methodical turns and avoiding alleyways to prevent any more damage from coming to the town. Soon the paved streets became dusty and the buildings started to space themselves further and further apart. He quickly broke from the path out of town and towards a nearby farm with an unusually large barn. Perfect for what he needed. His feet pounding the soil as he ran past each of the farm hands and family members shouting "Move! Move! Get away! She's coming!"

He ran past the farm house, checking to make sure Esther was still following him. She was. Oh was she. She crushed parts of the farm under her feet and demolished plows and tools alike. She was hell bent on smashing him into nothing.

Finally, Simon had arrived at the barn, peering upward at the high rooftop. He quickly found himself a crude ladder nailed to the side of the barn, and started upward as fast as he could with a hammer still in hand. As he rose he could hear the quaking steps of his foe getting closer and closer, each passing second filling him with dread. Only got one shot.

He hurled the hammer onto the roof of the barn, scrambling to get up himself, and looking out to find that Esther was feet away from the barn. It was roughly up to her waist, and possibly the worst place to be if it weren't for his last-ditch plan. Any hesitation and he was hers, and any sick way of execution she had in mind. 

He stepped back, heaving the hammer upwards and over his shoulder, his stomach tingling with anticipation. She got bigger and bigger, her features more pronounced and her breasts massive. Finally, she was there, looming over the barn. She quickly grabbed both sides of the roof and leaned in a bit, the barn creaking under her weight.

"Alright, you little speck. End of the li-"

"HITTING YOU A LOT!" He cried, moving in an explosive manner, heaving the gigantic hammer upwards and outwards, over his shoulder and into the air. It hurled through the air, flailing in a circle before hitting Esther square on the head, in instant before she could process the action. There was an audible clanging sound, and Simon shuddered as he heard it.

The hammer, with it's density and size, caused the mammoth girl to lean back a bit, her expressing fading and her consciousness subsiding. Slowly, as she stumbled around with booming footsteps, she started to fade out, Simon's plan working. Knock her the heck out. As she tried to step and catch herself, she ended up leaning forward a bit, blacking out slowly. Leaning forward right over the barn. Right over Simon.

And then she fell.

Her gigantic form plummeted forward onto the roof of the barn. Simon didn't have long to act, as he tried to back up. Just as he had taking a single step he realized her enormous breasts sailed through the air to his location. And then she made contact with the roof. The breasts hit Simon like a pair of enormous rocks, carrying him in an instant onto his back. And then was the rest of her fell, they pressed down onto his tiny body, her weight put onto him, he felt an immense pressure crush his body, sandwiching him between the barn and her enormous chest.

He attempted to move, but she was far to heavy for him. The soft fabric clung to her body and pressed against his. Not to best situation to be in. But she had fully fallen, and sooner or later she would have to reverse her spells. Hopefully she'd shrink down. And hopefully Simon be smothered by her, being something tiny under something massive. "Now what." He though to himself, struggling to move. But just then he heard something else.


His heart dropped. The old barn couldn't keep up with her immense weight. He could feel the instability of the barn under him. Right now he wasn't the master of his own destiny, so it seemed. Crushed under an unconscious girl, and now about to be caught in a collapsing barn. There was nothing he could to to prepare himself. She was beyond too heavy. The barn was too weak. And he was running out of air.

And then, before he had time to contemplate it, he was suddenly pushed through the wooden panels and beams of the barn and into a free fall, barely having time to realize what was happening before hitting the ground, landing softly in hay. He blinked, suddenly alone in a very large barn and not being smothered. He sighed for a second, slowly getting onto his feet. Right as he did, though, he heard creaking. Creaking from every wall of the barn, including the roof. He gazed upward, seeing Esther's breasts hanging in through the hole he had been forced in with, and realized what was going to happen. Sadly her legs, hanging off the side of the barn blocked the only exit. As the far wall and roof cracked and broke, the gigantic figure suddenly falling inward, planks splintering, breasts falling closer, beams falling, and his situation getting a whole lot worse, Simon mangage to force out a few (what he assumed to be) final words.

"Shoddy-ass nymph construction!"

And then once again her breasts plummeted onto him, pulverizing him as the two gigantic masses settled on the floor, wood cracking, barn shaking, and Simon getting crushed. It all hit in an instant, and a wall of unbearable pressure hit him in an instant. He managed to land on his back this time, and quickly tried to move, with no results. Here again. Under her. But then he felt her starting to get lighter.

The massive girl, engulfed in a cloud of dust and rubble, started to release of it's purloined stature, which manifested itself in beams of light. Each on soared out of her and into the air quickly, then finding it's original host and restoring them to normal.

She shrank, her form becoming the petite one she possessed before, Simon heaving her off to the side of him with his brownie strength, panting in panic. He slowly calmed himself, watching with totally confusion as she minimized back to her normal state, much to his surprise.  Her clothing somehow managed to fit her tiny form despite also managing to contain her curvaceous figure before. 

Finally she stopped shrinking. She was back to her normal self. And Simon flopped back onto his back in relief. It was over.

Just then Esther stirred, blinking and twitching little by little until she was suddenly awake. Simon calmly looked over at the sound of her moving, and jumped up to his feet at the sight of her awake. She slowly came to, looking up at Simon, her expressing turning foul and hateful. She struggled to her feet, bitter and defeated, realizing the reality of the situation.

There was a tense silence for a couple of seconds as the two looked at each other. She glared at him. He sort of cocked his head. Then she quickly raised her hand upwards, Simon recoiling in preparation. She then pressed her hand to the ground, letting out a flash and a puff of smoke. And when the smoke had subsided, Simon found himself alone in the wreckage of the barn.

"...okay." He said nervously in acceptance of the situation. "I...uh...I did it." He nodded.

Some kind of story I wrote during a day off. It involves Esther and Simon primarily, instead of Lilith and Simon. It gets a little more rushed near the end, but it's okay. I guess. Might turn it into a two-parter. For reasons.

Sloppy. Ham-handed. Rushed. Redundant. Repetitive. Meh.
RavingMango Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
Oda. Brownies. Esther. Where do you come up with these names?

Liked the story, although I was a bit confused as to why Esther needed those materials if she didn't openly use them( was it on her wrist? Did she hold it when she cast the spell? Etc). Hope to see a another part.
ThaddeusMcBoosh Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

A brownie is an actual creature in English mythology. A tiny, scruffy humanoid that carries out chores around one's house, living in secrecy, and fixing and cleaning the household in exchange for honey.

Esther is an actual name. I could point out a few places you could find it, such as a notable biblical figure.

Oda is magic-ish mythological jargon I made up on the spot. So, yeah. You got me there.

Admittedly I needed to think this through a bit more, but thanks. I haven't written many full pieces in a long while. Maybe I should...

Anyway, uh, thanks for the feedback and everything.
RavingMango Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
Well now I feel stupid, considering that I should probably know both of them, seeing as how you mentioned them being quite common-ish. Gotta look that up sometimes.

Anyway, I believe that this has a lot of potential if your clever(stuff like shoddy ass nymph construction was genius and hilarious). Want to see how this turns out if you continue. Keep up the great work.
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