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April 27, 2013
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A Soft Place by ThaddeusMcBoosh A Soft Place by ThaddeusMcBoosh
She walked in to her room. Dropped her stuff by her feet. Took off the jacket that barely covered her curves. Sighed. Another day down.

Time seemed a bit trivialized now. As long as she had her blood and stayed out of the sun, the days meant nothing to her. Still, another day had passed. About as long as the one before. And most likely the one after. She hadn't lived that long, though. Maybe two years of immortality. But those were full of sudden hormonal bursts that turned her hair white and endowed her. She didn't feel immortal. She felt like everything was moving a bit faster.

Though now wasn't the time to ponder her eventual cosmic place. Now was the time to simply sit down and unwind. Today was a bit perturbing.

It wasn't anything horrible. Simply a brush with loneliness. Isolation. Nothing more. Nothing less. She left at night, attended a few classes with people she didn't know. Ate alone. Walked through empty hallways and courtyards to other barely-filled classrooms where she would sit a desk or two away. No one sat by her.

Not that she was demanding to be in contact with people. She often found little quirks in a personality that were off-putting. She had her friends, but also her strangers. Par for the course, honestly. Everyone has their friends and their strangers. Their own group. Only a few can truly transcend that social order and rise to some kind of universal level of social interaction. She wasn't one of them.

Tonight she was among the strangers. In the dark, as it was. Alone.

And in that isolation, hopping from desk to desk, seeing the faces she recognized but didn't really know, she felt alone. Without any kind of evidence that she wasn't. If she wasn't alone, why did she sit by herself? Why didn't she approach the nocturnal classmates and try to make contact? What kept her in the dark? It drove her deeper into that funk that sat heavily upon her.

So that happened. It happened a lot, but tonight she felt even more isolated. When she finally made her way back to her room, she sighed and shut the door behind her, not sparing more than a sigh. After discarding her jacket and backpack, she instinctually made her way over to the couch that took up the space were a separate bed would sit if Simon didn't need more than a small fraction of the space.

Her curvaceous form moved gracefully through the faintly lit room and she prepared to sit. But right before she made contact she managed to break out of her state of mild depression and ennui and realize she didn't see Simon. She quickly stood and turned, and there, where she was about to plant her behind, lay Simon.

He was sprawled out ungracefully on a book, one arm over his freckled face, the other tucked in the crevice between the pages. She giggled to herself, leaning in and gently grabbing the sides of the book. Last time she felt this way she snuggled up with him in her sleep and nearly smothered him. She wouldn't let that happen again.

As gently as she could, she lifted the book off the cushions of the couch and slowly began to move it over to a nearby desk as to not upset Simon. He was an inhumanly heavily sleeper, but she wanted to try and not bother him for once.

Just then she noticed some movement. His arm lowered a bit on his face and she could see his half-closed eyes looking back at her.

She stopped for second, looking back at him in embarrassment.

" you..." She blushed.

"No it's cool. I was about to...doze off..." He let out a small yawn, trying to lift himself off the pages and into a sitting position. "You didn't wake me or anything, don't worry."

She gently sat the book down, and then heavily fell back onto the couch, head hanging back along with a stream of white hair. She let a very deep sigh and looking lazily at the ceiling.

Simon, lazily sitting up, eyes already closing on him, managed to take note of the girl before him. He raised a brow. "You alright?"


"..." He chose his words carefully. "Uh..."

She tilted her head back and looked at him. "Just feeling kinda..." She stopped, looking away.

He sighed, sleepily drudging along the desk and dropping onto one end of the couch. It was an easy place to transfer from the desk to his little sleeping area.

"I'm tired." She said, her words hanging on the edge of sadness.

"Hey." Came a voice from below. She looked down and found Simon standing next to her thigh, looking smaller and more adorable than usual next to her immense curves. She couldn't help but think what she had thought before. How he had always been so good to her, even though she hadn't. He had always been something of a refuge. A good friend, but also a concrete part of her life. With what she had been though, that was nice. To have something concrete. Reliable. There for her.

Simon. The immovable center. The courageous brownie. The unflappable compatriot. The tiny brownie who she occasionally put between her breasts.

"I'm tired too." He said, knowing what she was going through. It had happened before. He walked forward and leaned heavily agains her hips. "Let's be tired together."

It was an awkward way of saying she could cuddle with him if she needed to.

She smiled and leaned in, gently picking him up between two fingers and dropping him onto the soft surface of her chest. She brought in her arms, the two masses shaking and shifting as she pulled them in, and finally they met with Simon's tiny body, dwarfed by her massive bosom. She gave him a loving squeeze and smiled to herself, feeling the warmth of his body against her's.

She was happy. She wasn't alone.

He was already asleep.

And that ham-handedly written shit was this picture or something. I don't know. It's late.

Fuck it.
Chessrook44 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013

So cute. And I admit, the sketchy lines around the eyes, while probably not intended to be scene, actually work to appear as bags, making her seem more tired.
ManiakMonkey Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cute picture and I enjoyed the story that went with it. College has been a bit stressful for me lately so I could relate to the feelings of the characters ^^;
Royal-Starlord Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013
I want a bed like that. :meow:
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